Cool pool games for the kids and the family this summer!

Although we are a bit far from the summer seasons and quite more from the summer holidays, the planning might be going on for spending the best holiday in minds. The scorching heat of the sun in the summers, ask to go to a more relaxed area for the season and get indulged in something that does not elevate the body temperature. The pools and the beaches are the best things in that case.

If you too are planning to get closer to the water this summer, here these family games we have combined in the form of a list are going to help you a lot. These games are solely for the kids and the teenagers but if the hearts are young, the adults can enjoy them as well.

  1. The mermaid race

This game goes by the name of the dolphin race and the submarine race as well. Since there are no hard and fast rules of the game, you can name it whatever you want. It’s one of the simplest water games that you can enjoy with family and friends. All you have to do is to race for the most extended underwater swim and see who wins with the race.

  1. Get the bottle

This is the game where you and the other game members will find a bottle in the pool. The strategy is to take a plastic bottle that is transparent and paint its cap in the color of the bottom of the pool, fill it with cool water and leave at the bottom. All the players have to dive at the same time and search for the bottle. Although this game sounds simple, it is quite a hard job finding the bottle in the depth of the pool.

  1. Run for the shark

This is a very amazing game that resembles the tag game a lot. It is the tag game of the water. All you have to do is to take a person as a shark, use a mask of some fins to make him stand out from the other. All have to get in the water, and the shark has to tag one of them as quickly as he can manage. The other players have to stay inside the water as well, but they can take a break for ten seconds, letting the shark chase them all.

Cool pool games for the kids and the family this summer!

  1. Treasure hunt

In this game, you can choose some small objects that are not very costly, and they float on the surface of the water. Take for example the ping pong balls; they float easily. Now write some letters or numbers on them and toss a bin number of them in the pool. On the whistle of the sound, the players will have to search for the required balls out of many, and the fastest one wins. There are several other games that you can enjoy playing, and for more ideas regarding pools, you can visit ATEX Family Fun Center.